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Alaska Air Group’s shares are traded on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) under the ticker symbol ALK.  Click here for stock quotes and historical price information.

CUSIP is an acronym for Committee on Uniform Security Identification Procedures, a committee of the American Bankers Association. It is a nine-character code that identifies a North American financial security for the purposes of facilitating clearing and settlement of trades. Alaska Air Group’s common stock CUSIP is 011659 10 9.

If you are a beneficial owner of shares (e.g., you own shares through a bank or brokerage account) and have specific questions about your stock ownership, please contact your bank/broker directly for assistance. 

If you are a stockholder of record and your account is registered at Computershare, our Transfer Agent & Registrar.  They can be reached by phone, email or postal mail with specific questions about your stock ownership:

U.S. Toll-Free:  877 282 1168 or 781-575-2879

Computershare Trust Company, N.A.
P.O. Box 505000
Louisville, KY  40233

If sending correspondence by overnight mail:
Computershare Trust Company, N.A.
462 South 4th Street, Suite 1600
Louisville, KY 40202

Representatives are available by telephone from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. (Eastern Time?), Monday through Friday, to assist you with the following:

  • Transfer of ownership and account registration changes
  • Account consolidations
  • Account Information
  • Address changes
  • Check replacements
  • Direct Registration System (DRS)
  • Dividend information
  • Cash exchange proceeds from your Virgin America shares
  • International currency exchange for dividend payments and sale proceeds
  • Electronic delivery of communications
  • Registration changes
  • Replacement of lost, stolen or destroyed certificates
  • Abandoned property claims for escheated shares and cash payments
  • Tax reporting information

Stockholders of record can access their accounts via the Internet to obtain share balance, conduct secure transactions, update your address, certify your taxpayer identification number, request replacement of lost checks and certificates, sign up for direct deposit of dividends, enroll in text message confirmations, print forms and view current market value of your investment as well as historical stock prices. To register your account online go to and click on "Create Log In" to begin the process.

Go to our historic stock lookup page to view our stock price history.

Click here to view our historical cash dividend information

Click here to view our historical stock split information.

1099-DIV tax statements for registered stockholders are mailed with our last dividend payment of the year, usually in early December.  Once you have registered your account on Computershare’s Investor Center website at, log in and locate your current and prior year’s tax forms under “Statements & Documents”.  Beginning in mid-January, Computershare’s Quick Tax feature on their Investor Center home page allows you to view and download/print tax forms for the current and prior reporting year without registering your account online.   If your shares are held with a brokerage firm, please contact them for this information.

Once you have registered your account on Computershare’s Investor Center website at, log in and click on "My Profile”.  On the following page, click on the “Banking Details” tile and follow the instructions provided.  For your security, changing or implementing electronic banking instructions will limit your ability to receive your sales proceeds electronically for 14 days and banking instructions for dividend proceeds must be applied to your account at least 5 business days prior to the record date.  You can also call Computershare at 877-282-1168 or 781-575-2879 to request a direct deposit enrollment form.

Once you have registered your account on Computershare’s Investor Center website at, log in and click on "My Profile".  On the following page, click on the “Tax Details” tile and follow the instructions provided to certify your TIN for your holdings managed by Computershare.  You can also view and complete a W-9 certification form by clicking on the “Help” button at the top of the page, click on “Forms” in the “Printable Forms” box and complete and mail the W-9 to the address indicated on the form.

Once you have registered your account on Computershare’s Investor Center website at, log in and click on the “Dividends & Payments” tab, click on the stock holdings your dividends were paid on then click the button next to the outstanding check(s) listed. You can also call Computershare at 877-282-1168 or 781-575-2879 to use the Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system or to speak with a representative to assist you. Unless your check was received but accidently lost, damaged or destroyed, a minimum of 14 days must pass before your most recently issued check can be replaced. If you wish to have the check replaced prior to 14 days, an early check replacement fee of $25 would apply.
No, Alaska Air Group does not currently have a direct stock purchase plan (DSPP), but shareholders can acquire ALK common stock and reinvest their ALK dividends through DirectStock, a direct stock purchase and dividend reinvestment program offered by our transfer agent, Computershare. Go to Computershare’s Investor Center website and click on Invest Now for more details.

Once you have registered your account on Computershare’s Investor Center website at, you can replace your stock certificate(s) by logging into your account, selecting “Replace Certificates” in the “Select Action” drop-down next to your “Certificated” holdings of Alaska Air Group in your portfolio and completing the steps outlined on the following screens.   You can also replace your stock certificates by notifying Computershare in writing or by phone.  Please note that the replacement of stock certificates issued greater than one (1) year from the date requested requires a surety bond (insurance) to protect Computershare, Alaska Air Group and the surety provider from any potential financial losses resulting from the replacement of a lost or stolen certificate.  The surety fee varies depending on the value of your lost certificate(s).  Processing fees vary depending on whether you request the replacement online, via telephone or in writing.

Answers to several transfer of ownership scenarios are available on Investor Center at by clicking on the “Ask Penny” button on the Home page.   You can also speak with a customer service representative at 877-282-1168 or 781-575-2879 to obtain information regarding the transfer of your shares. For shares held in book-entry, the Transfer Wizard function allows you or your authorized representative to complete transfers of book-entry shares with a value up to $2,000 online.  For transfers over that amount, the Transfer Wizard will walk you through a series of questions related to the transfer and create a pre-filled transfer form that you can print and mail to Computershare with your stock certificates, if applicable. Further Instructions are provided in the Transfer Wizard.  Alternatively, you can access Transfer Wizard by going to, completing the on-screen questions and printing and mailing the pre-filled transfer form with your stock certificates, if applicable.

Under the Direct Registration System or “DRS” shares are issued in book-entry form by the transfer agent and stockholders receive a statement or advice detailing the number of shares they own.  All shares are now issued in DRS book-entry form unless a certificate is requested.  Please note however, that fees apply for issuing a stock certificate.  For additional information contact Computershare by phone or visit Investor Center at

There are a number of advantages to holding your shares in DRS book-entry form including:

  • eliminates the burden of storing your certificate(s) in a safe place, i.e. safe deposit box or vault;
  • eliminates the risk of potential loss and the significant costs to replace any lost, stolen, or destroyed certificates;
  • eliminates the risk of fraudulent transfer of certificates;
  • saves the costs associated with the issuance and delivery of physical stock certificates;
  • makes your stock transactions faster and easier and;
  • saves you the inconvenience and risk of delivering stock certificate(s) to your broker for sale or safekeeping

If you would like to take advantage of the convenience of having all shares held in DRS book-entry form, you can mail your certificate(s) to: Via certified or registered mail:
Computershare Trust Company, N.A.
P.O. Box 505000
Louisville, KY  40233 Via overnight mail:
Computershare Trust Company, N.A.
462 South 4th Street, Suite 1600
Louisville, KY 40202

It is recommended that stock certificates be mailed certified or registered mail and insured for 3 percent of the current market value. This is the surety fee to replace the certificates if they are lost. Do not sign your stock certificates. Include written instructions indicating you would like to deposit your stock certificate(s) into DRS book-entry form. All stockholders shown on the account must sign the written request. The certificate shares will be added to your account and an account statement (DRS Advice) will be mailed to your address of record.

Escheatment is a process in which property deemed to be abandoned in your stockholder account is turned over to your last known state of legal residence (foreign holders are escheated to Alaska Air Group’s state of incorporation).  Computershare, as Alaska Air Group’s transfer agent, is required by states to comply with their escheatment laws.  Your account will become eligible for escheatment if it is coded ‘lost’ due to repeated undeliverable mailings or if your account becomes dormant, meaning no activity or contact with the transfer agent has occurred in your account for the state’s dormancy periods.  Dormancy periods vary from state to state but are generally either 3 or 5 years in duration. In order to avoid escheatment, it is recommended you keep your account at Computershare current and maintain regular contact with them. Abandoned property laws in the United States require you to do this to avoid your shares and/or funds from being turned over to the state of your last known residence. You can prevent your account from becoming dormant a number of ways:

  • Confirm your address is current with Computershare
  • Cash all dividend checks
  • Vote your proxy for every annual meeting
  • Respond to unresponsive payee and pre-escheatment notification mailings from Computershare
  • At least once annually do one of the following:
  • Sending a written request or inquiry to Computershare
  • Call Computershare and use their IVR or speak to a customer service representative
  • Register your account online at Computershare’s Investor Center website and log into your account

Important:  simply receiving mailings or having dividends directly deposited to your bank account will not prevent account dormancy.  The above actions will ensure the property in your stockholder account, which could include dividends and your shares, are not escheated.  Please contact our transfer agent, Computershare, by phone or online at  If your shares are held with a broker or other financial institution, we recommend contacting them as well to prevent escheatment of your assets.

Abandoned or escheated property is turned over to the last known state of legal residence of the owner. To obtain your state’s contact information, Computershare recommends that stockholders use the National Association of Unclaimed Property Administrators endorsed website.  Property belonging to international stockholders would be turned over to Alaska Air Group’s state of incorporation, Delaware.

Effective December 14, 2016, Alaska Air Group completed the acquisition of Virgin America. Former Virgin America stockholders received $57.00 cash per share. Proceeds were paid to registered shareholders by Computershare as the exchange agent. Shareholders with inquiries on their merger proceeds can call Computershare at 877-282-1168 or 781-575-2879. If your shares were held with a broker, please contact them for details.